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* Each level needs 40 to 60 hours to complete.
* Our teachers explain grammar in English for the beginner levels.
Beginner levels
You can express yourself in daily life.
Intermediate levels
You can deal with most of issues and situations by yourself without help.
Advanced levels
You can study or work in Korean language.

Level 1-2: Beginner level

At level 1, you will learn how to read Korean characters and use Korean for day-to-day activities, like introducing yourself, buying or ordering products, using public transportation and expressing basic needs. 


At level 2, At this level, you will be able to make proper sentences using informal or formal form in a certain situation.  You can also express yourself at a hospital or bank and communicate with Koreans about daily life.  

Level 3-4: Intermediate level

At level 3, you can communicate only in Korean without speaking English.  You will be able to express how you feel and what you think.  You can also improve your Korean skills by watching Korean drama or talking with locals. 


At level 4, you will be able to understand the news columns, general social and academic topics, important expressions and phrases of Korean culture. This level confirms your ability to communicate spontaneously and fluently in Korean language.  


Level 5-6: Advanced Level

At level 5, your ability to communicate in Korean language fluently is assessed. It confirms that you possess a high fluency and proficiency in educational and professional areas.  You can work and study in Korean at this level.  

At level 6,  This level certifies that you can communicate and express oneself fluently and spontaneously in Korean language in professional and educational areas, as well as in unfamiliar topics, such as society, politics, culture and economics. You will understand most of Korean TV news and drama at this level.  

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