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have over 10 years teaching experience.
* are qualified by the Korean government.
* are certified and trained in university.
* are bilingual or trilingual.

* are native Korean.
[Only senior instructors are introduced here]
MON-FRI,9AM-6PM,Korea time(KST)
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I started teaching Korean to Asian workers as a volunteer teacher 20 years ago. I realized that I finally found my calling while I was teaching. I have taught more than 1,000 expats and foreigners through private lessons since I got certified as a professional Korean teacher from Korea Open University. I had many great experiences teaching foreign employees from various international companies such as JP Morgan, Aramco, Prudential Finance, LG Electronics, Scania, Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and so on. I also wrote columns about Korean language & culture on expats’ magazine "ELOQUENCE" in 2008 and 2009. Most of my students achieved their goal after they have learned Korean from me and I feel truly proud of them. If you know how to speak Korean, your life in Korea will be totally different.



I studied Korean language as a second language at a university. I taught Korean language to foreign students who studied in Korea while I was at the university. In 2010, I had a great opportunity to teach Korean at a well-known school in Vietnam. While I was teaching in Vietnam, I learned a lot about different cultures and how to teach Korean to foreigners, especially to students who haven’t learned Korean before. Now I am back to Korea and started one-on-one Korean teaching. Teaching many students in the classroom is also big joy but I must admit that one-on-one lesson is a better program for students and even for me because it gives the students a chance to completely absorb knowledge from the lesson. Try our home or online lesson and you will be able to communicate with Koreans within a year.




I had taught English to Korean children for many years since I finished my graduate school. However, I was always interested in teaching Korean to foreigners. When I decided to teach Korean to foreigners 10 years ago, most of my students were Asians who moved to Korea for marriage or work since only few expats from western countries dedicated their time and energy in learning Korean language. Now that the world has changed, Korean culture and language are becoming more famous. These days, teaching students from various countries gives more energy and excitement. 
Please don’t hesitate to learn Korean due to many excuses. Speaking Korean will change your life in Korea.



All Koreans can speak their own language but it doesn’t mean that all of them can teach the language. There are various ways to learn Korean and most of our students had tried to learn the language with their Korean friends or study by themselves at first. It is helpful but it is not that effective. In my 10 years of teaching experience, I believe that having one-on-one lesson is the most effective way to learn Korean especially when you are a beginner. The teacher and student will have 100% concentration with the lesson. I have taught Korean language at Yonsei University and several academies and I learned that in every class, there will be one or two students who don’t fit with the level of the other students in that group. Usually, they just give up learning or feel frustrated during the class.  Also, for working students, they sometimes miss classes and can’t catch up on the regular course. We are here to make you speak Korean better and our courses are designed for students who are under these circumstances. We come to your work or home.? Enjoy learning Korean at your most comfortable place and convenient time.



I studied linguistics as my master degree. I teach students all over the world through online lessons. When I was in graduate school I mostly taught Korean to foreign students mainly to exchange students. Every language implies its own culture and it would be much easier if you understand their culture first. When I teach Korean, I focus on each student’s ability not only with their progress that way I would know which area they need to concentrate more. Also, classroom teaching always follows a fixed schedule and  the teacher can’t take the student’s level into consideration but with effective teaching, there should be a balance with the lesson flow and the student’s skill or ability. That’s why I teach one-on-one because it always works well for students. One-on-one lesson is more intensive and it helps students learn faster than any other teaching methods since there will be a direct interaction between the student and the teacher.

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